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Reserve the shelf, circuit iron sleeves such as the stranded wire, cable hook, the hoop, the cleat, the anchor block,etc.

Our factory produces the stranded wires of different specification types throughout the year, cable hook, draw. Messenger wire hoop, the cleat, anchor block, the yellow iron wire of communication, t...   (04/04/2011)

Electric tool-Pedal oil pump

This machine is used for having no place auxiliary work of power to finish the homework. Adopt the stepping on type, convenient and swift.It is two-section that this pump divides high-low voltage,...   (04/04/2011)

Hydraulic bus wire punching machine

Suitable for the punching that copper aluminum bus arranges; It is used in the angle steel, the punching of I beam and steel plate to choose the hard piercing die; The horizontal design of base makes...   (04/04/2011)

Waterproof search light of remote control

Import remote control waterproofly and search for the light use: *Used in searching for, highway patrolling, electricity rushing to repair, site inspection of the open air,etc., even more can offer,...   (04/04/2011)

Supervoltage hydropress, entangle mill

Family property development and production electricity, communication construct by 1 ton, 2 tons, 3 tons, 5, 8 tons of all series are flexible entangle and is rubed; Hydraulic power pump series and 2...   (04/04/2011)

Electric tool - petrol mechanical pump

This machine is mainly regarded as the power source of the oil pressure construction appliance, there is no power place to work in the especially suitable field. Have, move can related work head fi...   (04/04/2011)

HID remote control search light

HID waterproof to search for the light in remote control ' Import)Use: *Used in searching for, highway patrolling, electricity rushing to repair, site inspection of the open air,etc., even more can...   (04/04/2011)

Japan KTC screwdriver set

The new style designed in advanced thinking is adopted strongly and turned all angles into the new design hand grip placement of the appearance, can use strong torsion, adopt the valid four corners ...   (04/04/2011)

FRP herringbone telescoping ladder

His advantage is as follows, for the glass fiber reinforced plastic herringbone telescoping ladder ( 1) Corrosion resistance is good, age-proof; ( 2) Gao Qiang, light weight, impact-resistance; ...   (04/04/2011)

sell valve

Dear Sir or Madam: This is Omnicco Valve International Limited.We are a worldwide manufacturer of industrial valves, mechanical accessories and fittings. With a strong technical support, we provide ...   (04/04/2011)

JH-601 fuse box

It is that a professional production and sales protects ëU's tube (the pottery and glass) that Shenzhen adds electronic Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of virtue Protect ëU½z (including degree pro...   (04/04/2011)

MF72 MF52 MF58 MF55NTC thermal resistor

MF72 the intersection of thermal resistor and serial the intersection of MF52 and pearl, NTC of power type, examine warm the intersection of NTC and the intersection of thermal resistor and serial t...   (04/04/2011)

The goods drench the room / clean room / clean area / water and drench room 622

Our company made an investment in Shenzhen to set up the factory in 1998, regarded studying, design, making, selling as the integrative commercial installation manufacturer. It mainly produces: 1, P...   (04/04/2011)

175 ¡æ fluoroplastics is hot

Support: 175 ¡æ fluoroplastics thermal contraction clutch saling hot line: 020-6113578113829739546 contacts: Mr. Wang's job QQ: 381044328 MSN: Email: http://...   (04/04/2011)

Heat-shrink tube of the double wall

Support: Thermal shrinkage tube of the double wall (3:1, 4; 1,5:1,6:1) Saling hot line: 020-6113578113719477166 contacts: Mr. Wang's job QQ: 381044328 MSN: Email: gzpuzhong@163....   (04/04/2011)