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T2 copper arranged

Copper is arranged • It is a kind of large electric current conductive products that copper is arranged, suitable for pigeonholing electric apparatus, switch and touching electric apparatus proje...   (29/03/2016)

The electricity protect the check gauge in succession only

About products The relay protection check gauge of Model DBJB-102 is a check-up device of new generation succeeded in developing on the original foundation. Alterating and direct current inside the in...   (29/03/2016)

Three-phase relay protection comprehensive tester

About products DBJB-802A computer relay protection comprehensive tester consulting the electricity portion to issue Foundation at,listen to extensively consumers' opinions,summarize at present domesti...   (29/03/2016)

High-pressure generator of DBZG series direct current

About products The high-pressure generator of DBZG series direct current is according to sector standard ZBF 24003-90 requirements for " common technological condition of high-pressure generator of po...   (23/03/2016)

Specialized chromatograph of DBM-7820 electric voltage transformer oil

About products The chromatogram law of gaseous phase is determined to dissolve the content of component of the gas in the insulating oil, the ones that send, judge while operating in the power supply ...   (23/03/2016)

Series DBFRC hand in the direct current high-pressure partial pressure device

Brief introduction of DB products Series DBFRC hand in the direct-flow partial pressure device and is also called the digital high-pressure table or hinders the partial pressure holding device, custom...   (23/03/2016)

Winding tester out of shape of DBRB-V voltage transformer

About products After designing making finishing with voltage transformer, its internal structure and every parameter (Ci, Li, Ri) Fixed, so each coil responds to thereupon determination, the voltage t...   (23/03/2016)

Baoding strains the wave and compensates the new products

What our company produced strains the wave to compensate the unit and inhibit the systematic harmonic wave portably effectively, inactive power of reliable compensation. Reduce energy consumption, i...   (10/03/2016)

Generator of the power frequently of SDF-10KV triple

Characteristic of the products Ten is protected again, guarantee personnel and apparatus security: The instrument offers user emergency shutdown, user's shutting down, hardware protection, source to o...   (10/03/2016)

Tester of earth resistance of the network large-scaly

First, product summary DBM-W5A the intersection of earth and network earth resistance whether transformer substation various apply to to earth resistance and high-accuracy tester that relevant paramet...   (10/03/2016)

Only digital relay protection tester

Function and use: Can observe and control to according with various digitization of IEC61850 standard norm and protect the unit to assay. Can imitate the single-phase instantaneity, permanence, transi...   (10/03/2016)

Parameter tester of transmission line of electricity

About products DBCP-H circuit parameter tester is scenes or high-accuracy testers that tests parameter of various high-pressure transmission line of electricity in the laboratory such as the power sta...   (10/03/2016)

Isolate the switch and move and touch the head to clamp the strength tester

About products It is the most extensive high-pressure switchgear of largest range of application of consumption in the power system to isolate the switch. Because it is only that the open air isolates...   (10/03/2016)

Dongguan highway guardrail base, Guangzhou highway guardrail base

The guardrail base of the highway builds attentive matters First. The surface of the template used is not smooth while constructing, the incidental has not been cleaned out, the irregularity that p...   (10/03/2016)

CTLD-450 irradiates the food detector

Brief introduction the intersection of Model CTLD-450 and heat clear up all the intersection of irradiation and food detector use for from irradiate food and the intersection of silicate and the inter...   (03/03/2016)