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1kv heat draws back the terminal very beginning of the cable, heat and draws back cable head, terminal very beginning 70-120mm2 of three core cables

The scientific and technological Co., Ltd. main management of electricity of his farad in Anhui, cable attachment, sleeve pipe, insulating material, electricity scientific and...   (30/12/2015)

1kv heat draws back cable terminal head, low-voltage heat and draws back cable head, terminal very beginning of three core cables

Heat draws back the cable attachment 1KV three core terminal station About products: 1KV heat draws back the cable attachment products and mainly applies the insulation that is connected with the mid...   (30/12/2015)

Connect 3*70 the middle the high-pressure cable, 10kv is cold contract in the cable attachment producer

High-pressure cable fitting introduction The high-pressure cable fitting is the indispensable part in the cable circuit, realize the connections of two sections of cables with it, improve the te...   (26/12/2015)

12 core ODF module SC FC only mixes the module and takes the end by oneself finely and includes a fine box

Environment for use Working temperature: -5 ¡æ- + 40 ¡æ; Store the temperature: -25 ¡æ- + 55 ¡æRelative humidity: ≤ 85% (+ 30 ¡æ) ; Atmospheric pressure: 70- 106kPa Photoelectric perform...   (23/12/2015)

10KV the open air cold to contract the intersection of cable and terminal head and 1*300mm2, high pressure cold to contract the cable hair producer

10KV the open air is cold to draw back the cable terminal head 10KV-LSW-1/4 The products advantage: 1. Adopt the whole silicon rubber to be made, have very good insulation and elasticity 2.Install...   (21/12/2015)

10kv cable cold to contract terminal head and single core the open air cold to contract the intersection of cable and hair, 1*50mm2

Install, use until a convenient one the intersection of heat and person who contract and not cold to draw back two of formula while being generally daily now: Heat draws back the cable attachment, sho...   (21/12/2015)

Take off the clear gray apparatus of specialized sound wave of nitre

The products explain in detail Main management of engineering limited company of rich auspicious power automation of electricity of Beijing China, electrical machinery, desul...   (15/12/2015)

It is safe rail / electricity is safe for rail / rail producers saves high-quality - auspicious can

The safe rail can be divided into soft purse seine and hard rail, the purse seine divides into ordinary polypropylene fibre Gao Qiang's silk screen and polyester purse seine. Ordinary purse seine acco...   (12/12/2015)

Block mouse's board specification, standard, quality / electricity distribution room and block mouse's board and take the card trough, durable and durable

****Auspicious in Shijiazhuang Yes electric apparatus Co., Ltd. ** **It can be electric that auspicious in Shijiazhuang apparatus Co., Ltd. produces the specialized factory which blocks mouse's board,...   (11/12/2015)

Type of the hammer 4D-20 multi-type of resisting shock

The antivibration hammer makes up: Zinc-plated to cast the iron hammer head, hot zinc-plated steel and entangle silk, aluminium alloy fastener, stainless steel bolt,etc.. The antivibration hammer is u...   (10/12/2015)

Safe rail / electricity safe rail guard rail / insulating safe rail producer of glass fibre reinforced plastic

Can firmly believe Shijiazhuang in the electric apparatus Co., Ltd. auspiciously in the safe rail producer to select, the professional production safety rail of the company, the insulating flexible fl...   (10/12/2015)

Aluminium board metal sign / Jacque's strength sign / silk prints the sign / stainless steel sign manufacturing factory

Metal sign / the intersection of Jacque and the intersection of strength and sign / silk can print sign / stainless steel the intersection of sign and first-selected and auspicious manufacturing facto...   (10/12/2015)


Workshop The main management of Electronics Co., Ltd. of permanent family property of Zhejiang, manages the terminal station, the three-phase multi-functional electric energy ...   (04/12/2015)

It is connected while contracting that the high pressure is cold, cable attachment producer

Installing and using attentive matters of cable attachment: One: According to needing the type specification of the cable attachment to choose the appropriate splice material in order to guarantee the...   (02/12/2015)

Three core of 10KV is cold the cable attachment of contracting is connected, 25-50mm

The cold shrinking cable attachment utilizes the elastic body material (have silicon rubber and B third rubber commonly usedly) Sulfide of injection is shaped in the factory, and then through expandin...   (27/11/2015)