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POWERSOS-UPS uninterrupted power system

Rule: Pair varies online capacity in Full Digitalization: 10KVA- 800KVA power solution: The power cuts off, power upwelling, voltage sinking, sustained overvoltage, lasting voltage shortage, frequenc...   (06/09/2010)

Family estate case

This product is practical and in extensive range, light to newly-built home furnishing building, construction building, store, factories and mines, office building,etc. and the system of delivery of...   (06/09/2010)

Armoured electrical insulator of glass

Changsha lotus' high-low voltage electrical porcelain series of electric apparatus agency of electrical porcelain of district permanent China: Ceramic insulator and porcelain sleeve of Li imperial to...   (06/09/2010)

Copper flexible joint

Copper flexible joint ---- 1: Adopt the braided wire of copper as the conductor in the middle, the braided wire of copper is woven with the oxygen-free copper wire, thread diameter 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0...   (06/09/2010)

Aluminium foil adhesive tape

The adhesive tape production code number of aluminium foil: HY-8002 characteristic and use: Used in parcel and accurate electronic products outside the steam conduit, computer communication, cover or...   (06/09/2010)

National electrical wire and cable exempt from inspection

Our company is a large-scale modernized industry development company which specializes in series of products such as various copper-aluminium electrical wire and cable,etc., lie in dragon's way of ba...   (06/09/2010)

W type locks the pin

The eastern five metals pressing factory of Rui'an specializes in the electric power fitting and connects and uses locking the pin producer with electrical porcelain fittings and electrical insulato...   (06/09/2010)

The view of the garden uses the waterproof terminal box

Our company is regarded as Finnish ENSTO group company in the selling branch company of the district of China. ESNTO (kindness Stowe) The sealed chassis has: Thousands of kinds of types are availab...   (06/09/2010)

VS1(ZN63A-12) Serial indoor ac high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers

ZN63A-12(VS1) The indoor ac high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for the three-phase alternating current 50Hz, the nominal voltage, in order to do the occasions of the switching load and ...   (06/09/2010)

Low-smoke halogen-free cable

This product is used in the electric system to transmit and assign the electric energy to fix the layout, used in personnel's intensive electric subway, station, port quay, the square of sports cent...   (06/09/2010)

Telephone cabinet

But the electric communication terminal electric distribution box of production to systems of delivery of current of electric communication such as the newly-built home furnishing building, office ...   (06/09/2010)

High-current flexible joint

The high-current flexible joint is adopted the oxygen-free copper pipe to deal with the connecting terminal that is formed certain appearance by silver plate, adopt the oxygen-free copper wire of th...   (06/09/2010)

Circuit wave damper

The wave damper is generally made up of main coil, tuned cell and protection component in the inductor form, connect in series in transmit electricity the intersection of carrier and the intersectio...   (06/09/2010)

Distribution box of earth leakage protection

Practical and in extensive range product this, the intersection of unit in charge of construction,etc. and the intersection of trade and electricity consumption but complete network of design constru...   (06/09/2010)

Connecting type of the high-tension cable

Production code number: L226 specification: 10KV/630A type: Take the shielding layer. European.The use of the products: Used in European electrical apparatus such as European ring main unit, box ty...   (06/09/2010)