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Have no comprehensive compensation of work newly

Synthesize and compensate four big problems that electric energy quality exists at present of brief introduction newly without the work: 1,Have work loss large traditional condenser type have work it...   (04/08/2010)

The high pressure does not have work that compensate the device stationary

This device mainly has the following characteristics: 1, Working voltage 6-35KV 2, the dynamic response time is less than 15mS3, accord with the three-phase balanced function 4 of the national standa...   (04/08/2010)

Intelligence is portable to charge and discharge and is fitted

This device is a portable charging set, commutate the alternating current as the direct current through the silicon controlled rectifier. Can carry on intelligence and charge managing to the battery...   (04/08/2010)


1,The circuit breaker adopts the whole overall arrangement, carry on the intersection of unit and module design 2, adopt becoming frank actuatoring, driving vacuum kill arc room, move, touch the fir...   (04/08/2010)

Triumphant elder brother KACON first class agent Shanghai three of South Korea opens up-Pedal switch

Supply triumphant elder brother KACON first class agent Shanghai three of South Korea to open up- Pedal switch contact: City Liu Mobile: 13361879293 telephone numbers: 8621-51087868 Fax: 8621-5120...   (04/08/2010)

The electricity has automatic voltage regulator in year

OSZ three-phase electricity has automatic voltage regulator in year --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Have more and more high expectations for voltage qu...   (04/08/2010)

Super-huge electric voltage transformer, dry voltage transformer, the electric wire netting has automatic voltage regulator in year, the non- brilliant alloy changes

UNICOM voltage transformer Co., Ltd. of Nantong is electric voltage transformer, dry voltage transformer, professional manufacturing company of the box transformer substation and special voltage tran...   (04/08/2010)

SOCOMEC (trace back high and beautifully) Switch

Electric Co., Ltd. manages the change-over switch of a pair of power (ATS) mainly in Shenzhen ,Because the purchase channel is special, it is lower by more than 5% than the counterpart that what our ...   (04/08/2010)

GSFK type compound switch of intellectual low pressure

The main technological characteristic, this product, adopts intellectual control technology and newest electronic devices and components, suitable for having no work to compensate the capacitive one ...   (04/08/2010)

GN19 isolates the switch

Isolate the switch in the GN19-10 series family under high pressure ' Hereafter referred to as and isolate the switch) Used for shutting, assigning to the using of circuit in cases there is voltag...   (04/08/2010)

20A commutates the module

Adopt advanced high-frequency switch power technology, efficiency is greater than 91%, the power factor is greater than 0.90. Possess electromagnetic compatibility and Ann's rule measure, accord w...   (04/08/2010)

Soft starter electrical machinery electricity-saving appliance

Contact: Jade China's right Tel.: 020-35923598" Protect the tile doctor " The principle of economizing on electricity: 1, The energy-conserving principle " Protect the tile doctor " Quick-witted ...   (04/08/2010)

The electricity goes against and turns into the module of power

Active to discharge against turning into the storage battery the device is that one kind is recycled back to the device of the electric wire netting after changing direct current into the exchange, ...   (04/08/2010)

YCF vacuum assists the switch

The YCF series vacuum which the company produced assisted the switch to pass " CCC " smoothly in July of 2005 China's national Chinese Compulsory Product Certification (CCC Certification), still be...   (04/08/2010)