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KTDL-2000A type big current generator

Absolute Swedish technology is superstrong take the ability in year, ultra-light-weight. 2000A old current generator only serious 18Kg suitable for protection and check-up current transformer trans...   (16/01/2011)

Stagnant water rubber of the gate

We support the factory of product of rubber and plastic of three reason of Jing County of Hengshui of stagnant water rubber of the gate to locate in the industrial development area of Jing County of...   (16/01/2011)

WCDMA power tester

We support our company of testers of WCDMA power to be that one specialize in accession equipment of communication and network equipment provider. Mainly offer the video to control the tester, RS485...   (16/01/2011)

T profiled groove plateformBig to revitalize the machine factory 0317-8332579

Quay city hand over to river to be big to revitalize machine factory, 0317-8332579 13931744908 establish in the seventies, lie in township that China cast. Beijing-Shanghai Railway, 104 national roa...   (16/01/2011)

Steel tube factory, Shandong steel tube factory, Liaocheng steel tube factory 0635-8341018

The speciality supplies the seamless steel pipe stainless steel tube of alloy pipe, 15216350898. Our company sells into several big steel factory stock seamless steel pipes such as steel, Baoshan i...   (16/01/2011)

Apparatus of reverse osmosis of QingdaoQingdao water treating equipment 053289691892

My corporate name is Qingdao tree open industry and trade Co., Ltd.. It is one that specializes in technological project installation of environmental protection equipment, transform; Agents who impo...   (16/01/2011)

Commings, Ricardo, Daewoo

Company's profile: The star light generating equipment Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu was established in 1974, it was China that produced one of the earlier producers of the generating set. The company covers ...   (16/01/2011)

Cylinder conveyer K102 of motive force of Beijing

We support conveyer K102 our company of a cylinder of the power of Beijing to collect and develop, design, manufacturing, marketting as an organic whole automation to transport the specialized compan...   (16/01/2011)

The high pressure 9-19 centrifugal ventilator

Many stages centrifugal air-blower, thatch Luo air-blower, marsh gas be it is coherent last air blower, ventilators, boilers centrifugalled to be presented /air-introduced machine professional to las...   (16/01/2011)

Arc gear oil pump

We support the arc to be that the State Economic and Trade Commission produce the oil pump in gear oil pump Zibo Boshan Wan bright pump industry Co., Ltd.s, shed the water pump, new mining submersibl...   (16/01/2011)

S Y C 6714 sends

SYC 6714------- A kind of accessory equipment used in parallel between the engines for it, it can adjust AC parameter of this aircrew to conform with AC parameter on the outside bus, thus make the ...   (16/01/2011)

Germany carries on one's shoulder or back Bake's battery

We support Germany to carry on one's shoulder or back Bake's battery Guangzhou it rises mechanical & electronic equipment corporation, Ltd. to be Siemens jointly ' China) Key first class agent that...   (16/01/2011)

Full-automatic hydraulic shaping machine of building block of the computer

We offer the market mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd of Golden Palace Restaurant of Gongyi of a full-automatic hydraulic shaping machine of building block of the computer to locate between Henan pro...   (16/01/2011)

Digital generating set of diesel oil

Performance and characteristic: *Use diesel oil as the fuel, give to more and economical and practical userses. *The biggest output power can reach 5.5kVA. *It is designed, is only 70-74 decibels in...   (16/01/2011)

Chemical pump of FSB fluoroplastics

We support our company of chemical pump of FSB fluoroplastics to mainly produce the liquefaction petroleum air pump, shield pump, the intersection of liquefied petroleum gas and compressor, the inter...   (16/01/2011)