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Install the base in majestic case weinstr in Anhui

Install the base, is called installing the protruding platform or keeps straight on to connect the head, weld on the apparatus or pipeline too, the electric thermocouple used for installing and taking...   (09/4/2016)

Majestic dose of weinstr floater liquid location alarms of Anhui

Majestic dose of weinstr floater liquid location alarms of Anhui The majestic dose of main management of instrument Co., Ltd. of Anhui, electrotechnical instrument, chemical i...   (09/4/2016)

One pair of apparent type intellectual ammeters of single-phase prepaid fee

First. Main technological characteristic High sensitivity, high overload, high dependability, burglar-proof electricity; The IC card prepays the expense electricity, owe the fee to cut out automati...   (09/4/2016)

Majestic dose of weinstr manometer welded tube piecings of Anhui

The welding type is in charge of connecting adopting mainly and welding the craft to connect a kind of piecing of the pipeline, according to different statement, shout, in charge of, connect to person...   (09/4/2016)

Price of electricity type intellectual ammeter of the single-phase prepaid fee ladder

Users will purchase information such as electric amount of money, price of electricity to transmit to the electric energy meter through user's card, the electric energy meter reduces the amount of mon...   (09/4/2016)

The majestic dose of weinstr quartz in Anhui is in charge of counting in the location of liquid

Main technical parameter: 99099% of the purpose-built SiO2 transparent quartz is in charge of, its deformation is some 1077 ¡æ, soften some 1730 ¡æ, compression strength 1170Kgt/cm2, coefficient o...   (09/4/2016)